International Inspiring Women Network Foundation provides a platform for Women and Girls to come together to Inspire, Connect, and Empower.



It is the dream, the passion, the commitment – and the challenge – of The International Inspiring Women Network Foundation to provide useful, meaningful, resources to every mother, daughter, sister, and friend that enhance every woman’s opportunity to reach her greatest level of personal and professional development;

We believe that Women deserve to be recognized and encouraged to continue to look forward, to keep moving, to speak and be heard, to be valued for their strength, their courage, and their accomplishments to bring about a positive change in the world, where there is more:

  • Contribution to society for growth for women
  • Fairer recognition of women in sport
  • Women in science, engineering and technology
  • Financial independence of women
  • Women owning businesses
  • Women in leadership
  • Equal recognition of women in arts
  • Greater awareness of women’s equality